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Virus Removal Services

If your computer suddenly starts acting funny that could be a sign that it has an infection. If you start seeing pop up windows looks like a security applications explaining that your computer is infected and prompting you to run a scan - it is likely that that is a virus in itself. Especially when the program suggests for you to pay $39.95 to run a FULL SCAN. It is a trick! Do not do that.

Computer viruses come in many different shapes, forms and sizes. And they all do different things to your computer. Commonly though, they are all bad and have the potential to really mess things up. If you suddenly discover files, icons and other items missing from your computer, it is likely that your computer is infected. If your web browser seems to lock on a certain web page, usually a scam anti-virus program purchase page, it is also likely that your computer has an infection.

Other symptoms include not being able to boot up or load Windows, not being able to get online, not being able to run "real" scans using "real" anti-virus programs such as Norton, and suddenly not being able to click on or find items in your Start Menu or Task Bar.

Virus Removal Process and Costs:

There is NO CHARGE for me to run a scan on your computer if you drop if off at my house. If your computer does not have an infection then you do not pay anything. If your computer is infected then you will be charged for virus removal services (see pricing structure below). The reason why is because the software I use automatically removes infringing items. I do not have a "Do Not Remove Virus" button. Either your system will test clean or it will result with having infections that will automatically be removed.

  • Free virus scan. You pay only if your computer is infected.
  • If your computer is infected, I provide detailed information, screenshots and documentation about the infections.
  • After removal, I can install free security software and self-maintenance applications to provide you with future protection.
  • Removal process is quick and hassle free. In most cases, I can have the computer back to you within a few hours.
Removing a virus from a computer usually only takes me a few hours. In most cases you can have your computer back on the same day you dropped it off. This work can be performed in your home, or you can drop it off at mine, or you can meet with me at I-24 Exit #1 Walgreen parking lot, Exit #4 Crackle Barrel parking lot or Exit #11 McDonalds parking lot.
Below outlines the pricing structure:
  • FREE to drop off and pickup at my house + $40 if your computer is infected.
  • $20 down if you meet me at any of the I-24 Exit locations + $40 if your computer is infected.
  • $40 down if scan performed at your house or location + $40 if your computer is infected.
Give me a call at (931) 368-4120 to schedule a day and time to have a free virus scan performed on your computer.