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System Restore

A system restore is the process of restoring your computer back to the original state when you purchased it. This is also called, "Out of Box" state. A system restore typically wipes out any new data that was created on the computer since it was purchased and put things back "exactly" to how they were when you originally purchased the computer. It will also erase any applications or software that you installed and were not included with your original purchase.

A few reasons why you might want your computer restored back to "Out of Box" state:

  • A quick and easy way to have a fresh start

  • A quick and easy way to fix errors and glitches

  • A safe and effective way to remove most all computer viruses

A system restore only takes me a few hours. In most cases you can have your computer back on the same day you dropped it off. This work can be performed in your home, or you can drop it off at mine, or you can meet with me at I-24 Exit #1 Walgreen parking lot, Exit #4 Crackle Barrel parking lot or Exit #11 McDonalds parking lot.
Below outlines the pricing structure:

  • $40 -- if you drop off at my house

  • $60 -- if you meet me at any of the I-24 Exit locations

  • $80 -- if done at your house or location

A few optional but recommended add-ons that may interest you:

  • $40 -- backup and transfer of your personal data (documents, pictures, movies, music and videos, etc.).

  • $20 -- operating system service pack and security updates and installation

  • $20 -- security software, self-maintenance applications and enhancement packages.

  • $20 -- removal of preloaded software such as useless trial-based and evaluation only software that comes pre-loaded on your system.

If you want all four, I can bundle them together for a flat $60 fee. If you do not need a backup of your personal data but want the additional three I can bundle those together for a flat $40 fee.
Give me a call at (931) 368-4120 to schedule a day and time to have a system restore performed on your computer.