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Laptop Screen Replacement

If you broke or shattered the screen on your laptop I can replace it for you quickly and at an affordable cost. I offer laptop screen replacements on all major brands of laptops including: Acer, Apple, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Gateway, IBM, HP, MacBook, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba.

Usually when a laptop screen has become damaged there is a good chance that there is additional damage to your laptop that you might not be aware of. Laptops are very sensitive to falls. Some of the more common things that also happen when you drop your laptop include: a damaged hard drive, cracked or damaged motherboard, dislodged or loose connections and damanged or malfunctioning cooling fans.

Before proceeding with having your laptop screen replaced, I recommend having a professional evaluation performed on your computer. Doing so may unveil additional damage to your laptop that might not make the whole repair cost-effective. And while that might be bad news, I am sure you would appreciate having bad news delivered to you prior to spending money on having the screen replaced.

Laptop Screen Replacment Process and Costs:

  • $40 -- (Optional) Professional Evaluation: Unveils potential unknown or unseen damage prior to investing into the screen repair. Results may help you determine that the whole repair might not be cost-effective, thus saving you money and time.

  • $40 to $100 -- Cost of The Replacement Screen: The cost of the replacement screen varies depending on the brand, model, size and age of your laptop. Replacement laptop screens usually range from around $40 to $100. I can provide an exact price once I know the brand, model name / number, in some cases a service tag # or serial #.

  • $40 to $100 -- Labor Cost: The cost of labor varies depending on the level of difficulty of the repair and whether I can attain an official copy of the service and repair manaual. Most manufacturers provide these to repair technicians. Just like with the replacement screen, I can provide you with an exact labor charge once I know the brand, model name / number, in some cases a service tag # or serial #.

Time Frame To Complete The Repair:

  • Ordering The Replacement Screen: All replacement laptop screens need to be ordered. Once I know the details about your computer, or after I perform an evaluation on your computer, I will be able to locate the right replacement screen to order and pass the information over to you. I do not order parts directly, instead I provide assistance with helping you find the right part to order and at the right price. You will order the screen yourself and once the screen arrives then I will install it for you.

  • It will usually take between 3 to 7 days for your replacement screen to arrive. Usually it only takes me a few hours to perform the repair. If you need to use your computer while you wait for the screen to arrive, for a small security deposit, I can issue you a loner external LCD monitor to use and help you with plugging it and getting it to work.

Give me a call at (931) 368-4120 and I will be happy to answer any questions you have or to talk with you more about getting your laptop screen replaced.