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Hard Drive Cloning

If your hard drive is starting to fill up you may think that you either have to delete stuff to make room for newer items or get a second hard drive installed. These are valid options, but what if you don't want to get rid of any files or what if you don't or want to install a second hard drive? Well, that's where hard drive cloning kicks in.

Let's say that you have an 80GB hard drive in your laptop and you just filled up the last remaining gig of free space. Let's assume two things: You don't want to delete anything and your laptop is not equipped with a spare hard drive bay for adding a second hard drive.

With hard drive cloning, you can easily purchase a BIGGER replacement hard drive, perhaps a 2TB hard drive just in case you plan on downloading every movie known to man, and then have the original data from your older hard drive copied onto to it.

When it's all done, you will notice no difference other than having instant FREE SPACE and perhaps a speed and performance increase due to the new hard drive being faster and quicker than the old one.

If you would like to have your old hard drive cloned onto a newer bigger one, give me a call today at (931) 368-4120 to setup a day and time to have this done. I typically charge between $40 to $100 for this service and in most cases it usually only takes me a few hours.